Trends in Keynote Speaking: What Audiences Want in 2024


  • As of 2024 it is very crucial to stay updated with regards to keynote speaking trends and keynote speech trends to effectively resonate with the audience. Some of the evolving aspects that come to mind when talking about keynote speaking trends, are, the integration of technology, diversity and continuous adaptation to newer trends, for specific demographics.
  • If you are involved in public speaking or event planning, it is very essential that you understand what the trends of the current market are like. When you are updated with what contemporary audiences want, it becomes easier to make your mark as a keynote speaker.
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Section 1: The Evolution of Keynote Speaking

  • Keynote speaking has a long history. The word keynote has its origins in music, where it denotes the main note on which a composition is built; later the word has been adapted to describe the theme or the speaker of a set theme at any event.
  • Post industrialization there have been many popular speakers and auditors who used to speak in various events be it political or scientific. Even now, you can see that political speeches have the ability to influence who a person can vote similarly. In the world of business, or literature, industry experts, business leaders, professors or research workers can share insights to inspire the audience at any keynote speaking event. Current use of technology helps these keynote speeches, previously accessible to only a limited audience, spread far and  wide, with the help of the internet and social media.
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Section 2: Audience Engagement and Interactivity

  • Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Because of technology like webinars, zoom meets and other virtual modes of contact, you can use the latest public speaking trends to inspire a large and more diverse group of audience.
  • You can use techniques like live polling,  interactive Q & A sessions, voting and similar engaging presentations, to keep your audience wanting more.
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Section 3: Personalization and Storytelling

  • Nothing connects the audience to a speaker on a personal level more than a personalized story telling session. When you reflect on your own life and share your stories, it makes you look human. Your audience can look at you like a friend rather than a speaker. To engage the audience, you need to be authentic and connect with them emotionally. Emotion creates engagement In this day and age where short form content is very trendy, it is required from you to follow public speaking trends that connect with audiences that have low attention spans.
  • Try to understand what interests your audience. Turn your personal stories into something that they can relate to. Always be genuine and authentic. Tell stories of how you went through challenges and overcame them. Use great visuals so that the audience can place themselves in your story. Encourage your audience to introspect. Ask questions that are related to your personal stories. That way your audience can reflect on the content and remember your speech.
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Section 4: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

  • With passing time, audiences are becoming more diverse, when you consider their age, ethnicity, background and gender. This is why your speech needs to be aligned with the latest public speaking trends and be inclusive of everyone. Use inclusive language and images while being wary of cultural appropriation. You should avoid stereotyping. Share your personal stories of diversity. Understand different cultures. And last but not the least, continuously adapt yourself to practice efficiently as possible.
  • Globalization has interconnected the world like no other. It is important that you have a diverse range of audience at your keynote speaking event. A diverse audience ensures multiple perspectives. such an atmosphere with a broad range of point of views increases the richness of any event. It is important to make people feel seen and heard. Introducing other people to a diverse set of audience encourages open mindedness. That way you can learn about new cultures by being curious and respectful at the same time. When you follow the latest public speaking trends, you can guarantee that by having a diverse audience you can build a world that gives importance to equity.
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Section 5: The Rise of Virtual and Hybrid Format

  • The latest keynote speaking trends cannot help but notice how technological advancements have changed the current way of giving a speech. There have been notable changes in the way we communicate with people and that is shaping current public speaking trends. some of the changes that come to mind is, having a global reach that was never possible before. You can reach a huge number of people thanks to the internet and inspire somebody at the other corner of the world. You can hold Q and A sessions, live chat and create a more interactive atmosphere. You can leverage technology like virtual reality or augmented reality and make your speech more dynamic. digitisation of information also assures that accessing such speech events are cost effective and easily affordable to a larger audience. But I would say, as much as you use the internet, it is also important to interact with a live audience, as real life interactions are usually never edited or can be undone.
  • Despite technology being very advanced, there are hindrances with virtual mode of communications. Some of them are poor internet connectivity, problems with the audio difficulty of people with shorter attention spans. when you are in front of someone, you cannot edit if you think your way of communicating is not good enough. virtual communication misses that mark. Another thing that comes to mind, is the challenges of having different time zones, where it’s day time and one location and night and the other. that can also cause problems with the speaker and the audience. The latest keynote speaking friends should consider these points.


  • So as of 2024, it is important to be flexible and adaptable to the latest public speaking trends, if your goal is to reach a wider audience. A person that comes to mind when delving in such topics is Mr Jerome Joseph. He has mastered the art of public speaking both in real life and on camera. We have much to learn from him.
  • If you are thinking of making an impactful keynote speech, you can follow the above tips to ensure the ultimate success of making yourself memorable and impactful to your target audience. 

How to chose the best keynote speaker for your next event?


  • When people think of public speaking, they think of a person like Tony Robbins, swaying a whole crowd. They might think of a famous comedian making a huge crowd laugh, carrying on act after act with sheer confidence. To be the best keynote speaker that impacts the minds of your audience like no other, you have to have the ability to harness your audience’s emotions.
  • The world is full of versatility. And that includes the kind of keynote speaker’s event we are interested in attending. Someone who speaks well about health, might not do so when they speak about entertainment. If you are to meet the goal of your target audience, it is essential who you choose based on the topic they are well versed in.
  • In the following blog, I will elaborate on how it is crucial to take very detailed observations on how to hire the perfect speaker for a memorable event.

Understanding your event’s goals and audience:

  • Your event’s ultimate goal is one and only, to capture the attention of your audience and leave them spellbound. Ask yourself, what kind of speaker do I want for this specific event? And whatever the topic might be, one point remains the same: the speaker must be able to tell a captivating story, something for the audience to remember.
  • Write down a list of goals for your audience. Put yourself in their shoes; if you were the audience, wanting to hear about a specific topic, how would you want your best keynote speaker to be? You have to be able to see things from the perspective of the people you are arranging the event for. When making a speech, the event speaker should be able to walk the audience through the whole story, from introduction, to the climactic ending, hoping to leave them with equal parts entertained and thinking.

Setting the criteria for selection:

  • Any event requires the keynote/motivational speaker to be great at what they do. Speaking is not just a verbal thing, you also have to ensure that your best keynote speaker is well versed in the subject that they are presenting to their audience. Their ideas and education should align with the audience’s interests. For example, you can’t have a history scholar explain quantum theory to your audience.
  • Once you have selected a variety of speakers on your planned subject matter, now it’s time to check if the keynote speaker that you’ll choose for your event, has a great record of doing similar events in the past, even if it’s one impactful event. That way you can be assured that they know what they’re doing, and it lessens chances of a failed event, just in case.
  • Nowadays, post pandemic especially, virtual meets and zoom calls have become very common. Some keynote speakers, even though a great orator, might find the medium of giving the speech not according to their liking. Therefore, before finalizing the best keynote speaker for your event, you have to have a clear discussion with your motivational speaker, if they’re comfortable with whatever medium you might choose, based on their expertise and comfort.

Researching Potential Speakers:

  • Now that you know these specifics, where do you pick the best keynote speaker from? I would say, Google is your friend, but if you want to do more of an in depth research when picking a speaker, talk to people. Be it social media, Twitter, Facebook, or even in real life, by calling an office that caters to the topic that you want to be discussed on stage. If you want someone from the corporate industry, I would say LinkedIn is a great place to start. If you want to talk about literature, GoodReads might be a great place to search.
  • After gathering the list of potential motivational speakers, you can ask event managers and even any potential audiences that you might know, who was at said speaker’s event. The ultimate move would be to attend an event held by the speaker for yourself, to get a first person point of view. Obviously you won’t be able to attend multiple events as that will take up all your time, so, you can use Youtube to check videos that might have been uploaded by the event organizers.

Budget Considerations:

  • The more the demand of an expert speaker, the less time they’ll have, and the more they’ll charge. Before finalizing your best keynote speaker, find keynote speakers who charge a fee that you will be able to afford to pay. Of course, the higher the quality, the higher the price will be, keep that in mind.
  • Once you have an idea of the budget required to hire them for your event, you can start negotiating. You can ask for lesser fees, or discounts, based on your relationship with the speaker, as in, they’re likely to charge less if they work at the same place as you, or are a friend of a friend. You get the idea.

Making the final decision:

  • A motivational speaker might captivate an audience in one speech, light a fire in their minds, but fall flat for the next audience. This is not necessarily the speaker’s fault, but a mismatch of the speaker and the audience, like a jazz person ending up at a rap concert. For that you have to scrutinize the type of keynote speaker you’re hiring. What is their tone of delivery? Are they serious, or academic, or comedic, or sarcastic? All of this will impact the audience’s emotions.
  • If you want to play safe and want your best keynote speaker to have a mixed bag of audience, the best hire would be someone who has a little of all the above traits. They’re comedic, but know how to speak seriously too. They are dry when it comes to humor, but are also effective when it comes to interacting with the audience members. That way, the scales aren’t too tipped on one side. 

Preparing for success:

  • Now that you have your topic, your speaker, and your event is almost confirmed, what is your next goal? Of course, it is to talk to your keynote speaker in person. Any great speech has a great script behind it, and doing that ensures that even the best keynote speakers don’t falter or forget when trying to make an impact. Communicate how you want the manner of speech to be, and curate the final speech in a way that nothing goes wrong on the big day.
  • You’re almost done! The labor has been given, now it’s time for, as you guessed, spreading word! You have an upcoming big event, with an impactful speaker, so you want the news to spread as far and wide as possible. You can do it in two ways, on the internet, via social media, and via ads on a paper, or a hoarding. Design a great virtual flier that gives an idea about what the topic of discussion will be, without giving away too much or making things too cluttered; when it catches the attention of the right audience, and impacts them that much, they themselves will start sharing the news of the event, and patiently wait for the day.


  • When setting up an event that requires a motivational speaker, you have to set up a failsafe show, as it’s not just important to arrange just one event, but inspire the audience to come back for more, plus impact the audience in a way that they tell other people to attend the event as it might be exactly what they’re looking for. Hiring the best keynote speaker depends on a lot of things, of which the necessary ones are, the topic of speech, the expertise of the speaker on the subject matter as well as their oratorical talent, your budget, time, and a well written script.
  • Anyone, and I mean even you, reader, can apply the above strategies to arrange a similar event, if you ever require to!