Should You Get a World-Class Speaker for Your Corporate Training?

Corporate training courses and conferences are vital to the growth and development of a company. These activities are done to address specific issues or risks that the business is already facing or is about to face. It is during these activities when solutions are thought of, discussed, applied, and practiced.

Sometimes it helps to just brainstorm with your peers and colleagues, but more often than not, if you want to address a problem correctly, you are going to want to have external help especially if you are very inexperienced. Brainstorming works but there’s always a risk of committing a mistake that you can’t undo, worse, you might end up making the situation a lot more difficult to solve. To remedy this, get professional help for your corporate training courses or company conferences.

Who should you hire?

Corporate training programs and conferences should be taken with utmost sincerity. Having the wrong person educate the people of your company on how they should address their problems could break your business. When it comes to decisions like this, as a business owner, you shouldn’t compromise. The answer to the question “who should you hire for your corporate training courses or conferences?” is easy – go for the best.

Going for a world-class speaker such as Jerome Joseph offers a lot of benefits. Not only are you sure that your employees and managers are in safe hands, but your people will also appreciate you for how much you trust and invest in them by getting a world-class speaker to educate them. Having the opportunity to gain wisdom from a world-renowned speaker will surely boost your employee’s morale.

Other than that, what are the other reasons as to why you need to book a world-class speaker for your corporate training courses and conferences?

Why book a world-class speaker

Years of experience

World-class speakers have been in the industry for years and years. It takes time to be a world-class speaker so for them to have that title, you know that they’ve spent years just honing their craft, mastering their expertise to deliver top-quality keynote speeches and training. With their years of experience, it is very likely that they have already encountered the problem that you have and, of course, they already know the solution to it as well. They’ll be able to share things that you need to look out for, things you need to prioritize, invest in, improve, and develop.

They’ve already seen the industry from the front and back, if you have any questions in mind, world-class speakers such as Jerome Joseph has the answer for you.

Perfect for every need

World-class speakers are well known because they are experienced in multiple fields. They can offer help in corporate training courses, conferences, and business branding via coaching, consultation, workshops, or even virtual training.

Jerome Joseph can help address your different types of needs in multiple ways, he’s very versatile. His expertise allows him to cater to your business’ needs directly.

Global experience

Jerome Joseph has had engagements in 34 different countries for various reasons, helping over a thousand businesses. In a nutshell, a world-class keynote speaker has seen and experienced it all already. He will be able to help you solve your problems no matter how unusual and difficult it may seem.

If you’re going to ask for help with your corporate training courses or conferences, ask for someone that sees things on a global scale. After all, you don’t want to ask advice for someone who hasn’t seen the bigger picture just yet. The advantage of asking for help from someone who has seen the big picture is that the solution that will be offered to you will surely be future-proof – it’ll withstand problems and issues it might face in the future before it even faces it like brand transformation, corporate upscaling, merging, and so much more.

Experience with people

If you worry about compatibility, worry no more with world-class speakers. Due to their years of experience in the field, they have already come across most, if not all, of the types of people that you can encounter in the industry. We all know that there are different types of personalities and there are different ways to appeal to or approach each personality type. With world-class speakers like Jerome Joseph, dealing with any type of people will be a breeze as they already know the appropriate and effective way of handling any kind of personality.

Having someone who is an expert with social skills in your corporate training courses will definitely help your employees capture what the training is really all about. They’ll be able to absorb information more as the approach will be perfect for them.

Unquestionable credibility

World-class keynote speakers are globally renowned for a very good reason, they are effective, efficient, helpful, resourceful, and truly impactful. It’s simply difficult to question the credibility and helpfulness of someone who has written multiple books and experienced it all at least 10 times over.

How to Find the Right Conference Speaker for Your Event

Finding the right conference speaker for your event could mean the difference between its success and its downfall. What makes your keynote speaker one of the most vital, if not the most vital part of your event is that it’s most likely the main event – it’s the reason why most of the people attended the conference; it’s most likely why people traveled from afar; it’s the reason why they’re missing some other event – to be right where you invited them to be.

If this is for your business and you made this conference to start some sort of buzz or talk about your brand to hopefully get some people interested, then finding the right conference speaker should be your top priority. The result of your advertising campaign mostly lies in whoever it is that you choose to have as your speaker. The speaker sets the tone, the pace, the message, and the potential impact of the event on your business.

Jerome Joseph is here to share some tips and guidelines about finding the right conference speaker for your next event.

What to do before choosing a conference speaker

One thing most people dismiss is the planning phase of an event. Always keep this in mind: you can’t organize an event over one weekend. At least not one that’s going to be good. When planning for an event, give yourself a lot of time. The typical time that most people allot for the planning phase is about 6 to 12 months. Plus, if you’re thinking about inviting someone big to be your keynote speaker, you’re going to have to book them months in advance.

But before looking for the perfect conference speaker for your event, here’s a checklist of things that you need to determine beforehand:

1. Determine a definite date for the event – if you want to have your event somewhere special, you might have to check that venue’s availability, too. You can’t book a speaker if you don’t have a date for the event.

2. Know your audience – who’s going to your event? What kind of people are they? What are their interests, and why would they be at your event? If you have a young audience, it might be a good idea to get an energetic speaker to easily attract the attention of your audience.

3. Know your budget for the conference – make sure that you won’t fall short when it comes to budgeting. Determine your budget for the venue, aesthetics, staff, and your speaker so you won’t have to compromise unexpectedly.

4. Know the objective of the conference – what is the conference for? Are you trying to educate people about something? Are you there to promote a product or a business? Are you there to give rewards, perhaps? Knowing the goal of the event will narrow down potential speakers who will fit the event.

5. Determine the expectations – what should your keynote speaker expect from this event? Most speakers, including Jerome Joseph, find this information useful as it would also help them prepare and provide an appropriate piece for the event.

6. Define what a successful event would look like – what do you want to happen in this event? List the things that you want and devise a plan to make it happen.

Going through this checklist before picking the right speaker should help narrow down your choices, making it easier for you to choose your speaker later on.

What characteristics should you be looking for?

1. Speaker’s relevance – if you’re organizing an event about social media presence and expertise, you wouldn’t invite an astronaut to come and talk to your event. If you’re looking for someone to educate about branding strategies, Jerome Joseph might be the one you’re looking for. Make sure that your speaker is relevant to the event that you are trying to host.

2. Speaker’s role – are you looking for a conference speaker or someone to get the people reenergized after lunch? Know what your speaker needs to do and pick accordingly. Some speakers specialize in entertainment while others specialize in inspiring people.

3. Speaker’s influence – a great conference speaker is one that has great speaking skills, a great sense of timing, and the ability to build a strong relationship with their listeners for a short amount of time. Seek speakers who can build trust and develop a strong influence on listeners.

What to do when you have a shortlist of speakers?

So now that you have a shortlist of speakers, Jerome Joseph suggests that you do these to find the right conference speaker for you:

● Watch the speaker – if you’re able to attend one of the speaker’s events, go and observe the way they deliver their piece. If they have videos of their previous events, watch them. See if it suits the event that you are planning to do.

● Watch their social media presence – you can often see people’s comments and reviews about speakers on their social media accounts. This might give you an insight as to how people receive the speaker’s material. Keynote speakers such as Jerome Joseph have websites that you can check.

● Speak with them – if you are able to give your prospect speaker a call, do so. Having an actual conversation with them is a great way to get to know them. You’ll be able to ask questions and they’ll be able to answer with no delay whatsoever.