7 ways to boost your personal brand with social media

Nowadays, everyone has at least one social media account. While your social media platforms can be an avenue to express yourself and connect with your peers, you can also use them to your advantage to build a personal brand.

What is personal branding?

Fundamentally, your personal branding refers to the narrative around how other people view you following your line of expertise, influence, personality, and so much more. Your personal branding affects other people’s perception of you, and it’s more vital than you think.

With good personal branding, you unlock opportunities that can help you achieve your goals. You can attain your dream job or be widely considered a leader in your industry with the help of personal branding.

Among the essential tools you can maximise for your personal brand is your social media channels. How you conduct yourself online is as influential as your behaviour in the ‘real world.’ Hence, you should use social media strategically. Here are seven ways that you can do to boost your personal brand with social media:

Update your social media accounts

First of all, you need to decide which platforms you’re going to use. While Facebook and Instagram may be the most popular platforms, LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking. You may also want to delete or disable accounts you no longer use.

You should ensure that your social media accounts are updated and accurate. Your social media platforms should reflect this age if you’ve changed jobs in recent years. By doing so, you direct more traffic to your pages. When a possible contact searches for you online, they can find up-to-date information.

Determine your area of expertise

Given your vast professional and personal experience, you probably have become an expert at something. You should put your knowledge to good use by highlighting it on your social media platforms.

When it comes to determining your area of expertise, you should think about what makes you unique and interesting. Your goal is to stand out among the crowd, not be like everyone else. You should reflect on your strengths and capitalise on your forte to build a formidable personal brand.

Streamline your posting process on social media

Maintaining an online presence while striking a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. The good news is that there are online tools you can take advantage of to make posting content on social media easier.

Platforms such as Hootsuite and Spruce connect all your social media accounts easily. These tools allow you to cross-post content, so you don’t have to copy-paste the same materials. In addition, you can even schedule your posts in advance. Most mainstream social media platforms easily sync with the tools, so you don’t have to deal with multiple log-ins anymore. You can also set reminders, so you don’t forget to post regularly.

Post content on a regular basis

Gone are the days when more is more on social media. Nowadays, you wouldn’t want to over fatigue your audience with too many posts. You may even end up annoying your network by overposting. You should opt to post thrice or four times a week instead.

You don’t have to post daily to stay relevant on social media. It’s perfectly acceptable and even recommended to keep quiet once in a while. When you’re not posting on social media, you can analyse the best social media metrics to focus on. As you post content, you should determine what works and find a pattern that works for you. You can also search for relevant content and insights that you can use in the future.

Keep your posts engaging and positive

The point of building a personal brand is to elevate your status. That’s why your posts on social media should reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. Being tactless on social media can cost you many opportunities. There are even instances wherein being too straightforward leads to people losing their jobs.

The goal is to make a positive impression, and you should conduct yourself with a professional attitude online. You want the world to see a glimpse of your personality and expertise, so you should be careful about the posts you share. Carefully calculating what you share with the online world can be beneficial in the long run. At the same time, you can damage your personal branding by not being mindful of what you post. As the old saying goes, think before you click.

Ensure that you maintain consistency

Sticking to your online persona is vital for it to be effective. Consistency is critical for good personal branding. Your brand voice, image, and tone should be the same to make you look trustworthy and impressionable.

Determining the tone and persona that fits you best takes time to perfect, but along the way, it’ll be easy for you to find the best fit for you. For you to maintain consistency, you need to be true to yourself. Authenticity is more manageable to maintain, especially in the long run.

Invest in personal branding courses

While the aforementioned personal branding tips can set the foundation of effective personal branding, getting professional assistance can take you a long way. Building a personal brand can be daunting, especially in this digital age. With the aid of experts like Dr. Jerome Joseph, you can easily navigate the world of social media.

Boosting your personal branding through social media takes strategy and practice. With professional help, you can utilise your social media platforms for your personal and professional growth. A personal branding consultant like Dr. Jerome Joseph can help you devise a winning strategy to unlock more opportunities.

A personal brand is what can make you stand out in social media. So your next step should be to ensure that your audience is aware. The way to spread your personal brand is through the social channels. But only if you do things strategic. By following these personal branding tips, you can use social media as a strategic tool to achieve your goals.

Dr. Jerome Joseph, CSP, is a Global Speaker with industry experience as a CEO of a listed brand agency. He is recognized as a Top 30 Global Thought Leader on Branding, has spoken in 35 countries, and has worked with over 1,000 brands. To know more about social media’s impact on your personal branding as well as other personal branding courses, you can email us at jerome@jeromejoseph.com or contact us at +65 9271 6973.

Best Practices to Boost Your Personal
Brand Online

Your personal brand represents who you are to the public to make others recognise who you are. Your personal brand makes you unique and helps you stand out from the competition. With a solid personal brand, you can build bridges to a more robust network and attain your personal and professional goals.

Hence, it’s essential that you continuously improve your personal brand. Here are some practical personal branding tips to take your brand to the next level.

Identify who you are

To build a personal brand that reflects who you are on a professional and personal level requires some introspection. In what areas do you tend to excel? What characteristics do I usually get compliments on? What projects do I work on that don’t leave me feeling drained or exhausted?

Determine what you aspire to be known for

When you’re building your personal brand, you’re not just displaying who you are to the rest of the world. Essentially, you’re making the roadmap of where you want to be in the future.

Define your target market

Once you figure out who you are currently and where you want to be in the future, you need to determine the audience you intend to reach. Given your strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to gear your personal branding efforts towards a particular target market.

For example, if you wish to change careers or move to a new company, consider updating your LinkedIn account. Recruitment professionals will identify you more conveniently when you’re proactive in making yourself known.

Prepare an elevator pitch

You don’t have to be selling a product or service to develop an elevator pitch. Essentially, when someone asks you who you are, you should be ready with a 30 to 60-second story that encapsulates your identity and goals.

To avoid over-explaining or rambling, it would be best to have three key messages in mind. These messages should be easy to memorise. You’ll be more memorable if you keep your explanation short but impactful. To find out if your pitch sounds compelling, you can practise it with others. They can help you improve your messaging moving forward.

Keep it consistent

Improving your personal brand is a slow and steady process. Throughout your journey, you must keep things consistent. Like a company or organisation, you should be extremely strict when sticking to your branding.

Having a distinct style, font and imagery will help others identify who you are. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can hire the services of a professional graphic designer. He can help you craft your branding clearly and consistently. In addition, having a branding guide will help you stay on track to attain your goals.

Maximise your social media presence

Social media has levelled the field and provided more people with platforms to showcase who they are. You should take advantage of your social media channels to show the world who you are.

Being proactive in social media can open many opportunities in the professional world and connect you with like-minded individuals. Hence, there is value in using your voice on various social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great networking platform to expand your reach, and taking the time to share your accomplishments and thoughts can lead to valuable connections. Instagram is a visual platform, so you should share highlights of your personal and professional life tastefully.

Continuously expand your network

Having a solid circle of friends and colleagues can be comfortable, but you limit the opportunities that come your way by staying in your comfort zone. You can build your personal brand better by going beyond your immediate circle and expanding your network.

You might meet your next client or employer through networking events. There is always room for improvement, and you get to learn more by opening yourself to more people. If you can’t attend in-person events, you can join virtual ones in the meantime. What’s great about online networking is that you can connect with anyone across the globe. The possibilities are endless when you open yourself to new beginnings.

Get some professional help

Consulting with a personal branding consultant can help you in your journey to building your personal brand. You’ll get to clearly identify who you are and what you need to do to achieve your goals with some professional help.

Having a personal brand paves the way for continuous progress. You can reach your goals and stand out from the competition with a clearly defined and compelling personal brand. That’s why you should invest in yourself by booking a consultation session with Jerome Joseph.

Dr. Jerome Joseph, CSP, is a Global Speaker with industry experience as a CEO of a listed brand agency. He is recognized as a Top 30 Global Thought Leader on Branding, has spoken in 34 countries, and has worked with over 1,000 brands. For a more comprehensive introspection to improve your personal branding, you can email us at jerome@jeromejoseph.com or contact us at +65 9271 6973.