7 Ways to Build Personal Branding

          Personal Branding? Most companies do not like to talk about it, but they like that they can get through it. Let’s take a look at the current advertising situation. In the advertising world, we only see some ads in which Branding is not present. 

        We see how a soccer player being used to promote an online gaming website or something we see how a foreign singer is used to promote enviable cruises.

     Now, we could venture that this concept is something that will be taken into account nowadays. Read these ways if you want to know how to grow your personal brand

  1. Keep your website updated

It is recommended that you review your website to see what you can improve. You can always remove or add things that can give less or more value to your website. Think about changing the template if you have been with it for a few years or if you think the one you have is not worth it anymore, think about acquiring a new one.

Try to change your photo looking for either a professional photographer or a friend who knows about photography.

  1. Take care of your personal image

Image is a very controversial issue. While it is true that a clear and defined image is required when communicating and transmitting with your Brand.

Remember that one can show closeness with formal clothes. For everything, there is a certain balance. And the extremes are never good.

Unless you are clear an artist who wants to give the note.

  1. Work your social networks well

Social networks are not an issue that we should leave behind. Imagine that someone entered your Twitter account or any other network and saw that your last post was more than three months ago.

Publish your blog entries always and above all share that of your colleagues by profession. Especially Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin.

  1. Pamper your work as if it were the first

 Whether you are a salaried employee like many or you are a freelance worker, it is time to also consider what jobs you do. It is a fact to consider when recruiting.

Think that you have to give all the best of yourself for that job knowing which part will be taken into account in the future.

Depending on your own experience and your marketer smell, it will tell you in which projects you can succeed and contribute and in which you cannot.

It is obvious that if you barely have experience it is something that you will not take into account, but time passes and sometimes you have to say NO.

And to those who say yes, show the professional you are. Try to please your boss or client. Today, positive ratings of bosses on LinkedIn, as well as co-workers, are quoted higher.

  1. Design your Professional Card exquisitely

Business cards are very beautiful and super effective when it comes to events of any kind or meetings. We have to think that all of the above you just read comes to this card.

Sometimes they are very complicated to design. They are like desserts: either you put the exact amounts or it won’t work out for you.

  1. Relate with your colleagues in the sector, mostly offline

It is not a banality and it may be obvious what I am telling you. But it is like that, you have to meet a lot of people, but try not to convince them by talking about how professional you are.

Try first to listen and not hear, talk about whatever is saved you are one of the best. You can talk about how well a partner does, for example.

Even if you have time, talk about current affairs. Look for closeness and use kind words. It’s about leaving a good impression and not overwhelming them.

  1. Take advantage of Networking events

Yes, I know. You will say: but where do I get the time? That is like a daily struggle because in addition to work we have family and / or social life.

Try to distribute everything you can. Well, even if you only attend one hour or forty-five minutes. There are forty-five minutes that you interact with colleagues and maybe also with unknown people who may end up in a collaboration, or contract. This will extend your radius of influence. Hire a corporate trainer if you must to help you build your organization’s personal brand. 

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