Corporate Training Workshops

Corporate Training Builds Skill, Skill Builds Credibility, Credibility Builds Brand

Jerome Joseph - Brand Strategy Workshop Trainer

As part of Global Brand Academy, Dr. Jerome and his team of Brand Coaches run Corporate Training workshops across 4 key areas: Branding, Internal Branding, Branded Customer Experience, and Sales & Marketing that strengthen your Business core backed by our real-life strategies.

Browse through our workshops and contact us for more information on running these corporate training workshops. Experience engaging sessions with a global speaker and trainer.

Brand Strategy Workshops

Grow and Create World-class Brands
Jerome’s unique and proven training methods cover more than just growing and differentiating your Brand. A world-class Brand is grown by continually evolving and carefully planned strategising. Jerome’s training will provide you with the tools required to develop and maintain your own Brand to such a level.

Brand Strategy

From Vision to Evaluation

Experience Branding

Establish Deep Audience Connection through Emotional and Sensory Branding

Brand Innovation

Developing Your Brand through Innovation

Cross Cultural Branding

Branding Across Borders

Building a Challenger Brand

How to Fight Harder and Smarter in the Branding Jungle

Brand Story

Building Brand Connection Through Stories

Brand Discovery

Create Your Brand Essence

Blue SKY Strategy For Brands

Champion New Market Space

Brand Market Leadership

Outpace, Outlast and Outthink your Competition

Lessons From The Legends

How Legendary Brands Create Memorable Experiences

Lessons From Legends- Asia

Building Global Asian Brands

Brand Manager Coaching Programme

Developing Top Level Brand Leadership 

Internal Brand Workshops

Engage and Inspire Employees From Within
World-class Brands have to be grown from the inside out, and a huge part of this growth is your internal Branding. Our programmes will instruct you how to create cohesion within all levels of your company, allowing you to reach even greater heights.

Internal Branding

Growing Your Brand from Within

Live The Brand

Growing Your Brand from Within

Employer Branding

Strategies to Attract & Retain Top Talents

Corporate Values & Team Building

Aligning Your Team to Your Brand

Brand Leadership Mindset

Turning Leaders into Your Brand’s Trailblazer

Personal Branding for Leaders/Executives

Turn Me On Personal Branding Workshop

Brand Champion Mindset

Creating Advocates to Live Your Brand

The Branded Employee

Extending Your Brand to Employees

Manage On-Brand Seminar

Aligning Your Brand Across the Organisation

Branded Conversations

Connecting with Your Audience through Conversations

Brand Coach Programme

Inspiring Internal Coaches to Drive Your Brand

Branded Customer Experience Workshops

Increase Loyalty and Engagement through Branded Customer Experiences
Identifying and reaching your audience is only half the battle. Mastering your customer touchpoints and connecting with the customers on an existential level are the secrets to standing out from your competitors, ensuring long-term customer loyalty and becoming a true leader Brand.

Branded Customer Experience

Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences

Brand Consumer Trends

Winning the Battle for Loyalty

Branding 5.0

New Media, New Conversations, New Experiences

Persona Development

Developing Personas for Effective Customer Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping Strategy

Designing Your Customer Journey Experiences

Touchpoint Masterclass

Building In-depth Customer Experiences

Customer Loyalty

Creating and Strengthening Customer Relationships and Loyalty

Customer Experience Coaching Programme

Creating a Culture of Actionable Customer Experiences

Sales & Marketing Workshops

Grow Markets & Increase Sales Through Performance
Jerome’s Sales and Marketing programmes delve into the strategic directions you need to take in order to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing markets. They will enable you to discover how to grow your Brand beyond old limits and do so consistently and continuously.

Nuts & Bolts Marketing Strategy

Creating the Right Marketing Mix for Your Brand

Experiential Marketing

Create Experience-driven Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Low-Cost, Unconventional Means to Promote Your Brand

Powerful Presentations

Perfectly Position Your Solution and Connect with the Audience

Powerful Win-Win Negotiations

Sales Communication Tactics to Change Outcomes

Consultative Selling

Solution-Driven Selling

Sell The Brand

Long-term Sales Growth Driven by Brand

Objection Handling

Overcoming Rejection Negativity

Turn Me On: The Branded Salesman

Increase Sales Performance through Personal Branding

Strategic Brand Communication

Designing a Communication Plan that Grabs Your Audience

Sales Manager Coaching Programme

Enabling Leaders through Hands-on, Customised Coaching