Become a Top Keynote Speaker

Become a Top Keynote Speaker | Jerome Joseph

Does your professional career force you to speak in public? If you need the advice to be a top keynote speaker, today we will give you what you need.

During our trajectory, especially when we begin to gain responsibilities and experience, we are forced to speak in public, which gives us a greater reputation. Attending conferences or discussion tables can help us to get to know the labor market.

Therefore, it is very important that you take care of each word when you are speaking in public since you do not know who may be listening to you. And perhaps the work or project of your life can arise through these presentations.

Now, we are going to teach you 10 keys to being a top keynote speaker. What you should do, and what you should not do when you speak in public:


  1. First, introduce yourself, and after, the topic you are going to talk about.


  1. Prepare a script, but don’t read it. It is a mistake that we read at it constantly, which is boring and unprofessional.


  1. Tell anecdotes and interesting facts during the presentation.


  1. Shape the voice according to the circumstances. Raise the tone from time to time to capture the attention of the most distracted.


  1. Move onto the stage. You don’t need to act, but your body language accompanies your words.


  1. If you can use a projector or whiteboard to write interesting data, do not hesitate to use that tool.


  1. Notify when you are about to finish the presentation, again, to get attention. And at the end, make a summary of everything you’ve commented.


  1. Give way to “question time”. To solve or clarify doubts.


  1. Share your contact for those who are interested. Be it your blog, social networks or email.


  1. Don’t forget to thank the attendees!


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