Three Powerful Ingredients For A Winning Corporate Culture

Three Powerful Ingredients - Motivational Speaker | Jerome Joseph

Companies who invest in an internal brand culture produce people who become brand champions. These are individuals who go out and spread the good word about your company without being prompted to.

Teach Rituals To Build A Meaningful Shared Identity

Rituals can be as simple as buying donuts to celebrate employee birthdays, or as quirky as giving all new hires a funny hat! It is tradition for all new interns at Google to wear a Noogler hat during their first week on the job. Rituals help employees feel like part of a team.

Celebrate Differences

Great cultures emerge from a diversity of background, experiences and interests. Workshops can help bring people from all walks of life together, creating dynamics that can lead to passionate discussions and original ideas.

Invest In Training Workshops

Jerome’s Live The Brand Workshop can help imbue your entire organization with your brand values, creating brand champions who are hungry to deliver your brand promise across all touch- points.