Corporate Image From A Corporate Trainer In Singapore

If you want your brand to stand out in a market as saturated as the one we live in today, you must have as a business requirement. Establish your brand corporate image immediately to achieve an increase in sales, enjoy the benefits and ensure success. Let us begin and read some important pointers from the best Corporate Trainer in Singapore.



The personality of the company

Corporate identity defines the personality of a business. The identity dictates types of employees, the appearance of the products, the packaging of the product and the physical characteristics of the warehouse.

These attributes allow customers to identify and be able to refer to a company, giving recognition, even similar to the human and sealing their qualities. Companies can be energizing, compassionate or reliable.

Clients, who can relate to a company, create an emotional bond. All strong connections lead to high customer loyalty, increased profits and beneficial word-of-mouth advertising.



Long-term planning

The establishment of a corporate identity requires a commitment to a long-term plan for commercialization and product consistency.

Focusing on the future, while managing day-to-day operations, help focus on quality, guide the employee’s energy and lead the company towards a shared vision. The influences of the corporate brand, both at the core of the company as well as the customers.




A combination of colors, logo and a consistent image allow customers, partners, and employees to immediately recognize the company’s products or information.

Physical identification and characteristics allow customers to easily identify the product of a company where we live in a saturated market for purchasing decisions. An effective corporate identity helps the “image” of the company to be positioned in the mind of the consumer.




Corporate identity allows marketing efforts to easily reach the most appropriate segments for the offerings of their products. The brand of a company can be distinguished by lifestyle, geography and socioeconomic factors.

Branding helps consumers choose the right products for their needs, desires or wishes. The brand is also compatible with the pricing strategy for the target market.



The Market Share

Expanding to new geographic markets or consumer segments is a challenge, especially if the competition is high. Corporate identity helps prepare the way for a company to increase its market share by expanding the footprint of its product.

An established and known brand requires less effort on the part of marketing to sell the company, its products, and services in a new market.

A strong brand image, together with a product of desired quality, can infiltrate an established market and quickly take market share and increase the company’s profits.

What are the variables for the management of the Corporate Image?


In the process of corporate image management, the fundamental variables are:


  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate image
  • Corporate communication
  • Feedback


The corporate identity is the reality of the corporation, these are the unique and individual personality of the company that differentiates it from other companies. Corporate communication is the set of sources, messages, and media, by which the company transmits its uniqueness or brand to its different audiences. The corporate image is in the eye of the spectator and the impression of the global corporation in the power of its diverse publics.

The objective of corporate image management is to communicate the identity of the company, for those audiences or groups that are important for the company; in such a way that they develop and maintain a favorable opinion of the company.

This process consists of the configuration of a positive identity, communicating this identity to the significant audiences, and obtaining feedback from the audience, to make sure that the message has been interpreted positively.

An unsatisfactory image can be improved by modifying corporate communication, re-configuring corporate identity, or both.



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