Stop Thinking About Your Logo

Stop Thinking About Your Logo - Motivational Speaker | Jerome Joseph

Design-led Branding Versus Strategy-led Branding

With our experience working with various organisations, there are two types of designs typically asked of us: one driven by gut feel and how the logo is best represented and another one that focuses on how brand strategy and the brand story can be integrated across touchpoints For a brand to stand out in the long run, it is not just about the visuals or your logo. Think about this: Starbucks logo is a naked mermaid, Nike is a swoosh and Google is just font typography. Simple, understated and really not visually that powerful but yet each of these brands tell a powerful story across its key touchpoints. Think about how iconic these brands have become. Remember Strategy drives the Experience! Focusing on logo or just collaterals without giving thought to your overall experience is risky and. Stop thinking about the logo and start thinking about your brand experience. Do you want a brand that looks good today but forgotten tomorrow?

Design-led Branding

  • Focus on Tagline
  • Focus on Logo
  • Focus on Collaterals

Strategy-led Branding

  • Focus on Overall Brand Experience across Touchpoints
  • Focus on Delivery of Brand Promise
  • Focus on Memorable & Differentiated Branded Story