Turn Me On: Workbook & Resource Kit (e-book)



If you have read Turn Me On, this supplementary resource kit will help translate your ideas into practical templates leveraging on our proprietary 5D (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver and Dynamic) Branding process. Differentiate yourself, stand out from a crowd, and at the same time articulate the unique value proposition you can offer in both the personal and professional spheres.

That’s the power of personal Branding. With this in mind, the Workbook version of Turn Me On helps you make the seamless transition to personal Brand success. Candid, entertaining and informative, Turn Me On: The Workbook provides crucial exercises and templates on how to:

  • Carry out a rigorous and comprehensive Brand audit so as to discover hidden strengths and downplay potential weaknesses.
  • Define a viable personal Brand which will resonate strongly with the desired target audience.
  • Develop a rigorous Brand Blue Print.
  • Build and deliver a complete and strategic 12-month strategic Brand communication plan by leveraging across a variety of different touchpoints and platforms.
  • Keep your Brand relevant.

Dynamic and sustainable easy-to-use templates, the latest Branding and communication tools and key ideas make Turn Me On: The Workbook a must-read for all professionals who are intent on marketing the most important Brand they will ever face: themselves.


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