Turn Me On: A Guide to Personal Branding (e-book)



Differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd and articulate the unique value proposition you can offer in both the personal and professional spheres – that’s the power of personal Branding. Candid, entertaining and informative, Turn Me On provides crucial advice in how to leverage on our proprietary 5D personal Branding process to:

  • Carry out a rigorous and comprehensive Brand audit so as to discover hidden strengths and downplay potential weaknesses
  • Define a viable personal Brand which will resonate strongly with the desired target audience
  • Develop a rigorous Brand Blue Print
  • Build and deliver a complete and strategic 12-month Brand communication plan by leveraging across a variety of different touchpoints & platforms.
  • Keep your Brand relevant, dynamic and sustainable

Filled with powerful case studies and applicable examples, this is a must-read book for all professionals who intend to market the most important Brand they will ever manage – themselves.


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