Internal Branding: Building your Brand from Within (e-book)

Internal Branding Book- Motivational Speaker | Jerome Joseph

Packed with powerful information and case studies, Internal Branding: Building your Brand from Within shows you how an effective internal Branding Programme can help your enterprise grow and move forward in today’s competitive economy.
In this book, we reveal our proprietary Six-Step Internal Brand Strategy Action Plan.

  • Part One will help you to understand why internal Branding is so important. It will teach you the importance of your employees’ willingness to provide an excellent customer experience and the impact they have on your company’s overall performance.
  • Part Two focuses on what internal Branding is about. After carefully studying the five Cs of internal Branding you’ll be prepared to take the step towards an aligned internal Brand.
  • Part Three introduces the Six-Step Internal Brand Strategy Action plan (IBSA) and shows you step by step how you will get your employees aligned and a strong internal Brand implemented.

You’ll find fascinating case studies of world-class Brands including Southwest Airlines, Google, Starbucks, Apple, Disney, and many more. At the end of each chapter we present key insights to remember and quick exercises to help you apply the information to your own company.

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