Some Pieces of Advice From A Personal Branding Speaker

Some Pieces of Advice From A Personal Branding Speaker | Jerome Joseph

We are all a brand. Do you know how to boost your personal brand?


Maybe you are not aware but if you go on Google and look for your name, you will see that there are more things scattered around you than you would like. And surely many did not even consider them.

You are not anonymous, no matter how much you want, so now that you know it, you should put some ground between those results that tell you something that tells you what you want them to know.  

The proper management of your brand is key to achieving your goals both personally and professionally. Having a careful personal brand is easy. You just need a little routine and the right tools. Here are some tips to boost your personal brand:


Where to start?

Efficiently manage everything that has to do with your image and reputation, and start your own personal marketing plan. First, understand who you are, what you want to show the world and how and where you want to show it.


Define your goals and your strategy!

Everything you do must be aimed at “being where you want to be” and “being seen as you want them to see you.” Know your objectives, decide where you want to be and what tools are going to be useful to achieve it and which ones are not. Remember that your resources are always limited, especially in time, so take advantage of it as much as possible.


Focus on what you want to achieve

Visibility, audience, positioning and above all, reputation. These four objectives are paramount, so make it easy to find you, not only with your name but also by what you do. And little by little you get that the people who know you have a positive opinion, not only about you but also about what you do. The rest will come.


Take advantage of what you have!

Make the most of your social networks. Expand your circle and above all do not leave them abandoned. Complete your profile appropriately and make yourself known, expand your contact networks and interact with them. And remember that it is not about being in all the networks but in those that make sense and where you are getting connected with your audience.


Be authentic

Do not play at being another person. Show yourself as you are.


Bet on the quality of your content

Once you have marked your objectives and your strategy, start your own content plan, and before publishing always ask yourself: Is what you are going to say, relevant?


Give your opinion

Do not be afraid to say what you think whenever you are contributing something. Empty comments simply say – you are not working. Instead of a comment on LinkedIn saying “good post”, read the content well and try to find a new angle or ask a smart question.


Monitor and follow up

If after doing a little analysis of everything you have done, you see that you are on the right track and that you are achieving what you have set out to do, go forward. Otherwise, do not fall in love with what you do, change it quickly and keep analyzing.


Remember that this is a marathon. It’s not magic, nor is it random, success has a lot of work behind it. Ideally, you should be as constant as possible to be able to have guarantees of success in the creation or improvement of your personal brand.


Jerome Joseph has worked with over 1,000 brands, including many Fortune 500 companies, in 34 countries. He is an award-winning Brand Speaker focused on Brand Strategy, Brand Experience, Internal Brand, Personal Branding and Branded Customer Experience, working across a variety of industries in the B2B and B2C space. His keynotes and workshops are simply not to be missed! Interested in Jerome’s branding solutions? Email us at or Call us at  +65 9271 6973.