Defining Your Personal Brand Strategy

Defining Your Personal Brand Strategy

In a competitive market like the one we are currently in, it is vitally important to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competitors and make ourselves known, for this we use the personal brand, which represents us and sets us apart from the rest.


Personal branding refers to the management of your own profile. It consists of discovering certainties and particularities of oneself and communicating them to others.


We all have a personal brand, something that differentiates us from others, is a unique value proposition, a powerful marketing tool. We must identify and communicate the characteristics that make us visible in a homogeneous, changing and competitive environment.


Some celebrities use their fame to capture attention and influence the public. They are clearly notorious and widely disseminated, which translates into a large number of followers, contacts, and readers who have in their different media (Facebook, Twitter, TV …)


The importance of owning a solid, well-defined and attractive personal brand is clear, but how to generate it?


How to define your personal strategy:

When we embark on a project, we do it to achieve specific objectives and based on those objectives we establish a strategy. The steps to define a personal strategy are the following:


  • Define the objectives, expectations, values, and more. It is one of the most frequent mistakes when it comes to promoting your personal brand. Do not forget to define some objectives according to the strategy to be carried out.


  • Define the name of the personal brand. How do I want them to know me? Will they remember the name of my brand? Notoriety is a basic component of a strategy. Try to make your brand sound strong in the market and speak well of it.


  • Define the keywords that will be present in the meaning of your brand. That is to say, they are the words that identify the basic concepts on which I will stand my image.


  • Design: my logo, website, blog, and images have to be selected based on the concepts and basic values ​​already chosen.


  • The tone of communication: Before starting to launch content we have to be clear about the target audience to which we are going given that based on this we must adapt to the tone and the words with which we write our posts, tweets, advertising messages, …


  • Selection of channels: Currently we are offered a multitude of different channels both online and offline. Based on the strategy and the target audience already defined, we must select the ones that interest us the most.


The use of the internet and social networks facilitate communication and dissemination of our personal brand. It is necessary and imperative to be present in these media and communication channels, as they facilitate the possibility of increasing our network, achieving greater visibility and dissemination.


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