Create and Grow Your Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is a fundamental part of every leader to succeed, regardless of the area in which it operates. Learn to develop your own identity with these tips.


Today more than ever, it is important to differentiate in order to stand out in the world of work and thus be able to compete in a world where there are no longer borders.


Think of yourself as a brand, everything you do conveys a message, so it is important that you work on that message so that others receive it the way you want it to be received.


This is where the personal branding (your personal brand) helps you build your own stamp to highlight your professional and personal value in the market, projecting the talents, values, and knowledge you have.


To start building your personal branding, you should know what others see when they hear your name.


It is vital to know your abilities, talents, and competencies so that you potentialize them, and at the same time minimize and neutralize your weaknesses.


The planning of goals is also key in the process of building your personal brand, start to outline your objectives to achieve them one by one and that will help you to ensure that the image you transmit is consistent and sustainable. While you are on your way, you can make adjustments but you definitely have to have a plan.


With these tips shared by experts, you can create and grow your personal brand and use it to express and communicate your skills, personality, and values:

Build your platform

You need a website in order to create your virtual platform. Your website must be named personally. You will also need social media accounts that represent your brand. Share your ideas through these platforms.


Once you have identified your peculiarities and strengths, carve them perfectly. Learn as much as you can and become an expert in that area. You never have to stop learning.

Share your knowledge

It is not enough to learn, you have to teach and share knowledge by helping others. To do this, do it through videos, social networks, and writing, both online and on paper. This is where you can show that you have the knowledge and deserves a place.

Be yourself

Find your own style and create a new set of prints for others to follow. You do not have to do what others do or follow the crowd. Use your style and uniqueness to get the job or the clientele you want.

Set your priorities

It is important to have a clear idea of personal and professional goals, both short and long term. This will help you identify the most important things you have to invest your time in, and where you have to align your new projects. Use your values and priorities as a compass to guide you in the action and decision-making process.



Show yourself. People want to connect with people. Having and teaching a picture of yourself helps establish credibility and build trust. You can invest in a professional photo shoot or if you prefer, ask a friend to have a professional camera to help you. The pose that will help you the most is facing the camera smiling, with a friendly and accessible look, without distractions around.


Define your look or image. Any brand, including your personal brand, must be constantly displayed. If a variety of different logos, colors and fonts are used, you can confuse your audience. Develop the image of your personal brand with:

  • A professionally designed logo
  • A palette of nice colors
  • A limited menu of sources
  • Apply the same rules on your website, business cards, advertising, to name a few.


Dialog. The monologue strategy of the sellers has already been in the past; The person with an excellent personal branding is a great conversationalist, and allows feedback with his consumers and the general public, he knows how to listen and is attentive and accurate when responding.

Surround yourself with influential people and stay in touch. Living with influential people helps you strengthen your personal brand, to get to that you need to go building a large network of contacts and not neglect any. It will take time, start as soon as possible and be part of your daily routine, try to expand it continuously.

Building a personal brand requires time and effort, but it’s worth it. It is a leadership requirement that allows people to know who you are and what you represent.


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Jerome Joseph, CSP, is a Global Speaker with industry experience as a CEO of a listed brand agency. He is recognized as a Top 30 Global, Thought Leader on Branding, has spoken in 34 countries and has worked with over 1,000 brands.