How Your Employee Training Programs & Company Culture Are Connected?

Powerful Branded Cultures

FACT: Employees play a big part in the success of a brand. A culture that celebrates their importance, constantly connects them with the brand and rewards their milestones affect their work in an organisation.

Successful brands know how to sell to their customers but selling their brand to their employees is equally important as well. It is essential to be able to design training programs that support the brand’s mission, vision and values and further foster the culture you have envisioned internally. It only takes ONE disconnected team member to derail a business process or potentially damage the overall brand. A good culture that champions growth and development as an individual and as a team has a direct positive impact on employee productivity.

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1. It should boost employee morale

Inclusivity and transparency is needed to boost the employee morale. It is important for employees to feel needed, trusted and know that their efforts – big or small- matters.

2. It should set employee expectations and lay down opportunities

Employees leave because of lack of opportunities. Do not waste your effort in orienting and training newbies every 6 months. Focus instead on creating opportunities for your current hires. Investing in development in a field or upskilling makes employees feel valued. Career development is one of the important aspects held in high value by every employee. You always have to communicate that they are part of an organisation that understands their need for growth and get them to stay.

3. It should be engaging

A positive and contemporary approach combined with an open relationship and communication between the company its leaders and other employees translate to a more motivated workforce. A company  that establishes good work culture with engaging activities and milestone reward systems, creates employees who value their roles more as part of an organisation’s ecosystem.


  1. It creatively aligns all the employees to the brand’s vision, mission and values
  2. It provides growth and development opportunities
  3. It helps nurture the mental and social well-being of employees
  4. It inspires camaraderie and fellowship within the organisation
  5. It encourages a positive outlook when taking on challenges within workplace

If you want to build a stellar brand culture, you have to realize that your employees are not just people behind desks or equipment who deliver work. They are people who go home and talk about experiences with families and friends–your first degree potential customers. Having an encompassing brand culture means that even outside the four walls of your office, these people champion your brand, your purpose and your goal.


My corporate journey taught me one key strategy in brand building- CORPORATE TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL. As such, I have dedicated my time as a corporate culture keynote speaker, in sharing my experience in this topic to thousands employees from different organisations. Through the years, I have worked at perfecting our Signature Programs that guarantee success in these FOUR PILLARS- Brand Strategy MasteryInternal Brand MasteryBranded Customer Experience Mastery, and Sales and Marketing Mastery. Under these pillars, we have designed 40+ programs that help build world-class brands from the inside and out. Our most popular brand culture training programme is the Internal Brand Mastery, a customisable set of strategic employee engagement methodologies and activities driven by your brand.

Internal Brand Mastery

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Company Culture bring employees together. Branded Culture make employees great brand ambassadors. Investing in powerful, industry-proven brand culture training programmes is like a body of water that surrounds an island– it envelops the land and keeps it afloat.

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