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An experienced personal branding trainer and coach can help you tap into your full potential. Many of today’s business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs see Personal Branding as a key driver to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

What makes Dr. Jerome Joseph a powerful Brand coach and a renowned corporate trainer in Singapore is his deep insights into the market and real life experience of working with over 1,000 brands in 34 countries. As a world authority on Branding, Dr. Jerome has a powerful Personal Brand framework that consistently and effectively help leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to attain brand leadership, be more impactful, drive market growth, increase organisation / market recognition, as well as create upward mobility and new opportunities.

Personal Branding Coaching Framework

Using proprietary tools and frameworks that have worked on thousands of Personal
Brands around the world, Dr. Jerome’s 5D Personal Branding Framework will help you
grow your Personal Brand.


In this stage you will understand and discover what makes your Brand unique to
your audiences


Here, you will define your key goals as well as key markets and audiences and understand how to engage them effectively


In this phase, Dr. Jerome will guide you in crafting your own unique value proposition and message to your audience


Now, you can plan your strategy to deliver your Brand across your key touch points


And finally, you will be able to Drive brand growth through a full Brand plan

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