Tips to Create Compelling Brand Personality

What is Brand Personality?

Brand Personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand, product or service. For example, we think CNN as a trustworthy and knowledgeable brand, likewise, Marlboro brings out the image of masculinity, freedom and adventurous. Having a brand personality will make your brand stand out and different from your competitors, and planned right, could be the source of connection between brand and consumers. However, it is not always easy to create a strong and clear brand personality. We would like to share a few tips that you need to observe when it comes to designing your brand personality.

Brand Personality needs to be different!

What is the point of having a personality that has been overused by your competitors? By being original and authentic, you stand a much greater chance to be noticed by your consumers. Take Southwest Airlines for example. When every budget airlines shout “I’m affordable!”, “No frill!” and the like, SA went further, finding a niche personality that create a uniqueness by adding “FUN”, now if you do not want to pay through your nose for your airline ticket, but also do not want to get bored stiff, you will fly Southwest.

Brand Personality needs to be credible!

Just like human being, brand personality needs to be crafted in an authentic way based on your capabilities and competencies. Otherwise, consumers will find the discrepancies and start to doubt your brand. A neighboring country immigration office includes “Friendliness” as their personality, but unfortunately, nobody could, after 8 hours shift day in and out, smile at everyone they face. It would be more credible if they adopt “courteous” and “efficient” as their personality.

Brand Personality needs to be relevant!

It might be a no-brainer, but sometimes, because of the creative process, strategists often forget that whatever they create, should relate back to the targeted customers! If you are in a B2B business, most likely you would not adopt a “fun, carefree” personality because this is not what your target market wanted. Likewise, if you are a luxury goods retailer, you do not want to show “funky” as your brand personality. Pick the best personality that connects to your brand and audiences!

Brand Personality needs to be consistent!

We are always the biggest advocate of consistency. Without consistency, your message will simply be diluted overtime, and again, your customers will start to doubt you. To do this, you as the strategist of the brand, need to formulate the personality clearly, and translate this personality to your touchpoints, thus creating the coveted consistency.

Creating a brand personality (or creating a strong, world-class brand in that matter) is not an easy task. It is a journey that never ends and sometimes you will find obstacles in the way. Contact Jerome now, so he can help you to alleviate your problem and creating real impact that drives your bottom line!

Three Biggest Reasons Why Singapore Brand Strategies Fail

They Don’t Know What Not To Do

Without fresh perspective, companies go stale. Kodak and Nokia were once glorious brands that are now merely shadows of their former selves. An external brand agency can help refresh your company’s look and feel, injecting new life into your brand.

There Is No Leadership Buy-in

Brand strategies may look good on paper, but when leaders don’t walk the talk, employees don’t either. Strategy does not simply end with a new design or brand story – managers must be willing to continuously execute on the brand strategy for it to truly succeed.

They Don’t Know When To Dust Off The Cobwebs

Did you know that Harley Davidson once sold cake-decorating kits? Of course you don’t – because the product was a huge flop. Sometimes, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Global Brand Academy offers a four-step proprietary tool that can help your company move in a solid brand direction.