6 Ways to Become the best Business Motivational Speaker

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Understand Your Main Objective: Be Memorable

The main objective of any presentation or talk is to be memorable. It is that people remember something you said 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month and 1 year later. Sometimes we confuse the purpose of a talk with convincing someone to buy a product or to entertain it, or make it cry, etc. All the strategies and techniques you use are important, but the ultimate goal is to be memorable.


Focus On The Needs Of The Hearing

No speech is repeated equally to different audiences. Different audiences have different needs and a good speaker takes the time to understand what his audience is and what his needs are.

The main ideas may be the same, but the questions, the examples and even the flow of the presentation will vary if you are giving the talk to primary school teachers versus a group of doctors or businessmen.


They Have A Structure

Every good presentation has a structure: Beginning, Middle and Final. In the “Principle” the speaker focuses on raising the problem and giving the promise for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then in the “middle” he gives his presentation and ends up fulfilling his promise in a way that is memorable creating an impact on the audience.


Intentionally Apply The Non-verbal Language

Nonverbal language (gestures, dress, movements, hand position, etc.) is as important as what is said in a presentation. Good speakers understand how to function on the stage maximizing communication via nonverbal language.

Do you want to inspire trust and honesty? Keep your hands out of your pockets and open with palms pointing at the audience. Do you want them to focus on your face? Dress in a neutral and dark color. Do you want to keep the audience attentive? Pause and change the volume of the voice at different times.


Interact With The Hearing

Interacting with the audience always helps keep the audience attentive to the message. The important thing is that it be short and specific. Too long interactions cause boredom on the part of those who are part of the interaction. However, short interactions force people to be vigilant because they do not know if they are going to ask them at any time.



The best speeches and talks are those that lead the audience to some kind of action. That is why the best speakers take their subject to practical levels so that anyone can apply something immediately.


Always remember to take your talks and presentations to practical levels. People need to do something after they hear you. That “something” they do will make your speech memorable. To become the more memorable speaker you can visit us at Jerome Joseph and learn a new style in creative ways of speaking or contact us at +65 9271 6973.