The Brand Theatre: Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences
Price : $25

In today's market place, simply providing your customer a service is no longer sufficient. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide your customers with an experience that delivers your brand promise and keeps your customers loyal. The Brand Theatre:  Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences, together with its supplementary workbook, is a comprehensive guide to setting your organisation up to deliver the ultimate branded customer experience. It will take you through why your service needs to be branded, the points to consider as you build your brand, the importance of playing to customers’emotions, and helps you to ensure that your brand is delivered at each and every touchpoint. In today's highly competitive arena, branding your customer experience is not an option; it is part and parcel of how you run your business. The Brand Theatre-Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences is just the book to help you deliver your brand.