The Branded Service Value Chain - Internal Branding
Our INTERNAL BRANDING ALIGNMENT process features a mixture of experiential workshops and strategy sessions to align your employees to the brand and transform them into loyal and brand advocating performers.

Jerome Joseph's Training Program

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(All training program formats are in keynote or 1-3 days workshop.)


Internal Branding Masterclass

Building your Brand From Within
 Tell me everything that I can do to achieve internal branding? 

Our masterclass will provide you with case studies, analysis methods and experiential exercises to implement internal branding programs in your organisation. An informative and practical program to build your brand from the inside using our Internal brand process methodology.

Live the Brand Workshop

Employee Brand Engagement that Builds Loyalty and Impacts your Bottom Line

 How do I ensure that every employee truly knows the brand? 
Specifically crafted to engage and educate different groups of employees, this workshop will guide the internal stakeholders to apply the brand values in their daily operational tasks. Participants will relook their self, their brand and how to achieve an ideal behaviour aligned with the brand.

Employer Branding

Strategies to Creating your employer brand
 How do I become an employer of choice while staying true to my culture?
A wonderful program targeted for HR and communication professionals. In this workshop, you’ll learn on how to position your brand in a relevant, credible way to the talent pool. See how you can utilise various ideas and channels to establish your brand as the employer of choice!

Corporate Values Workshop & Teambuilding

Building your Brand through Brand Values alignment
 How do I engage people with the brand in a team setting?

This unique workshop aims to educate and engage its participants to soak in the corporate values through a combination of workshop and fun teambuilding activities. Participants will learn and bond through their interactions with each other, and get the real meaning of their corporate values.

Brand Leadership Roundtable

Creating Branded Leaders to lead your brand
 How do I get my leaders to walk the brand talk?

High level workshop for the senior management team. This workshop brings your most influential team member to become the brand leader and council. Through informative sessions and various hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to cascade down the brand internally through leadership and example.


Personal Branding for Leaders/Executives

Turn Me On Personal Branding Workshop
 How do I make MYSELF a powerful brand?

Turn Me On Workshops will introduce you to some of the secrets highly successful professionals use to grow their businesses with clients they love to work with. You discover the deeper message shaping your life as well as learn how to articulate who you are in ways that are compelling and powerful.

Brand Champions Workshop

Creating Advocates to Live your Brand
 How do I make MYSELF a powerful brand?
Discover key strategies and methodologies that will help you leverage the power of effective internal branding. Be the key person who drives the initiative into your organisation, and create a powerful workforce aligned to your brand!

The Branded Employee

Extending your Brand to Employees
How do I get employees to believe in and  advocate the b rand?
This very hands-on workshop helps to shape employee-brand identification. With tested strategies, this workshop will create the psychological connection between the employee and the brand. At the end of the day, enable your employees to project the brand identity clearly through their behaviour.

Manage On-Brand Seminar

Management Brand mindset to brand alignment across the organization
How to ensure that managers lead the brand talk by example?

This seminar brings your managers and shapes them to become aligned with the brand. As a critical component in creating a successful brand, managers will learn how to lead by example, engage and motivate the team to stay true to the uniqueness of the brand.