The Branded Service Value Chain - Branded Customer Experience Management
Translating brand promises and staging extraordinary BRANDED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES is our experiential and multi-sensory design capability to express the brand idea through brand identity.

Jerome Joseph's Training Program

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(All training program formats are in keynote or 1-3 days workshop.)


Branded Customer Experience

Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences
How do I construct an experience that is aligned to my brand?

This highly interactive and practical workshop enables the participants to evaluate their role with their customers through various tools and methodology. Participants will map their touch points in their customers journey and work in applying the brand experience throughout these touch points. With fun methods and real life case studies, participants are pushed from their comfort zone to provide extraordinary experiences for their customers.

Brand Consumer Trends 2011

Waging the Battle for Brand Loyalty
What are the trends that will impact customer experience?

This workshop aims to open your mind and see the rapid changes in consumer trends. Find out the new communication channels which are relevant to your audience. Understand the consumer’s mindset shift, and prepare yourself with our methodology to anticipate these changes.

Branding 3.0

New Technologies, New Experiences, New Conversations

How does my brand leverage on new media?

This workshop offers a high level of activities and hands-on exercises to strategize and create new media communication plan through various mediums across the social media landscape. With our six-step methodology, find out the way to create a strong social media campaign that connects with your brand.

Creating your Brand Story

Creating memorable Brand Stories to build customer loyalty

How do I create stories that inspire customer loyalty?

If you need a clearer message strategy, and want to ensure your audience gets the right understanding of your brand, then join this workshop. Learn the techniques to communicate your brand story to the audience through in-depth exercises. Find the right strategy to channel and align your story with what your Brand stands for, and increase your audience loyalty towards your brand.

Sell the Brand

How to sell Your Brand, Create & Build Lasting Customer Loyalty

How should I get the sales force involved in the brand?

Brand could be your most important sales tool. In this workshop, your sales force will ponder the ideas to create a stronger brand presence that could push the sales and increase their recognition, as well as the sales figure. They will learn on how methodically build such brand presence through consistent and credible manner.

Turn Me On: The Branded Salesman

Increase Sales Performance through Personal Branding

How do I make my sales people compelling brands?

Specifically targeted to the sales person. This shows them how to bring their own values, persona, quality and communicate this to their customer, thus gaining long term trust and winning more sales.

Touchpoint Masterclass

Building and Aligning Touchpoints for Brand Success

How do I align my touchpoints and customer interaction?

Be the strategist and designer of your brand interaction with the customer! This workshop gives you the tools to closely scrutinize your customers’ journey in interacting with your brand. Furthermore, utilise our ideas and methodology on how you could provide them with positive experiences every time, making them come back to you again, and again.

Experience Marketing

Create Experiences Driven WOM marketing programs to drive Sales and Brand Awareness

I need to create a buzz, how do I do it?

Learn many exciting tools to engage and involve your customers in the transaction. Choose the right marketing tools from blog, viral, ambush, guerrilla, buzz and events, to create a strong, memorable campaign. In this workshop, participants will actively work on their brand and get ideas from many examples.

360 Brand Activation Strategy Workshop

Designing your Brand Communication Plan

How do I communicate my brand across all the channels?

Bring your brand to the next level with this workshop. We provide you and your management team the tools to promote your brand in practical, consistent way. Participants will also get various ideas on innovative marketing technique and actively involved in exercise to write their own brand activation plan.