Inside Out

The truth is that branding starts from the inside out. Do your employees believe in your product and the services that you offer? Are they standing 100% behind you in the mission of your brand? Are they living your brand? It is important that your employees are informed and involved in new initiatives and strategies that are taking place within your company. If your staff is unable or unwilling to support your marketing efforts it can have detrimental results. How can you begin your internal branding campaign within your company?

To help companies build their Internal Brand, Jerome is proud to bring for the first time ever in Singapore, a dedicated 2-day intensive workshop program on Internal Branding called the Internal Branding Masterclass: Building A Powerful Brand by Branding Inside Out.

Before you decide whether this masterclass is for you, ask yourself:
• Is management anxious to improve the quality of its internal ...

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Nuts & Bolts of Employer Branding

One of the most important brands in people’s lives are their employer brand. This employer brand is important in determining the success of your Brand. Building an employer brand means creating a unique and appealing perception of your company in the minds of target candidates and employees which leads to attraction, subtle encouragement and retention.

Your employer brand clearly communicates what it feels like to work for your company. This intangible, yet compelling notion motivates target candidates to choose you as an employer and the same time retaining and generating employee loyalty and productivity among your current employees. The bond created by a sense of shared values motivates and retains employees.As such the task of organisations is to align its greatest assets which are its Employees, with what the brand stands for.

Here are a few ways:

1. Know your Employees - Conduct research and attain key insights into...

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Three Powerful Ingredients For A Winning Corporate Culture

Companies who invest in an internal brand culture produce people who become brand champions. These are individuals who go out and spread the good word about your company without being prompted to.

Teach Rituals To Build A Meaningful Shared Identity

Rituals can be as simple as buying donuts to celebrate employee birthdays, or as quirky as giving all new hires a funny hat! It is tradition for all new interns at Google to wear a Noogler hat during their first week on the job. Rituals helps employees feel like part of a team.

Celebrate Differences

Great cultures emerge from a diversity of background, experiences and interests. Workshops can help bring people from all walks of life together, creating dynamics that can lead to passionate discussions and original ideas.

Invest In Training Workshops

Jerome's Live The Brand Workshop can help imbue your entire organization with your brand values, creating brand cham...

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