5 Powerful Tips to Impact Your Internal Brand Strategy

Imagine the Horror. You have spent money to align your employees to your brand by getting them to sit through a induction session on the company brand but you see no progress?

There are some reasons why Internal Branding could be a challenging task, especially if it is taken lightly. Below are a few pitfalls and misconceptions that commonly observed in our 20 years of experience:

1. Internal Branding is NOT ONLY about education or explanation of the Brand.

It’s also about the alignment and re-calibration on how the organisation perceives itself, and thus creating belief. Instead of an instant solution, Internal Branding is a process and journey to keep everyone in the organisation, across the strata, to embrace the ”soul” of the Brand and live it consistently. Yes, by all means, educate them but due it with a long term plan in place.

2. Internal Branding is more than the ”Rah-Rah.”


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Brand Lessons from The Year of the Horse

This year is a year of being creative. Harnessing that inner power you’ve been storing, and letting it run loose.

1. Run Wild and Free
Shake off your bridles and limitations to let the creativity run free! Brands will need to stand out and Brand Creativity will play a big part out outpacing the pack.

2. Your horse is a bundle of energy
Horse are energetic and consistent workers. Create energy for your brand through brand energizers and be consistent in application of your Brand across key touchpoints.

3. Know your Journey
Know where you intend to gallop. Having a strong strategy map will allow you to reach your branding goals more effectively. Plan, Execute and Win the race to being a world class Brand.

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Three Biggest Reasons Why Singapore Brand Strategies Fail

They Don’t Know What Not To Do

Without fresh perspective, companies go stale. Kodak and Nokia were once glorious brands who are now merely shadows of their former selves. An external brand agency can help refresh your company’s look and feel, injecting new life into your brand.

There Is No Leadership Buy-in

Brand strategies may look good on paper, but when leaders don’t walk the talk, employees don’t either. Strategy does not simply end with a new design or brand story - managers must be willing to continuously execute on the brand strategy for it to truly succeed.

They Don’t Know When To Dust Off The Cobwebs

Did you know that Harley Davidson once sold cake-decorating kits? Of course you don’t - because the product was a huge flop. Sometimes, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. TBT:Consult offers a four-step proprietary tool that can help your company move in...

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Stop Thinking About Your Logo
Design-led Branding Versus Strategy-led Branding

With our experience working with various organisations, there are two types of designs typically asked of us: one driven by gut feel and how the logo is best represented and another one that focuses on how brand strategy and the brand story can be integrated across touchpoints For a brand to stand out in the long run, it is not just about the visuals or your logo. Think about this: Starbucks logo is a naked mermaid, Nike is a swoosh and google is just font typography. Simple, understated and really not visually that powerful but yet each of these brands tell a powerful story across its key touchpoints. Think about how iconic these brands have become. Remember Strategy drives the Experience! Focusing on logo or just collaterals without giving thought to your overall experience is risky and. Stop thinking about the logo and start thinking about your brand experience. Do you want a brand which looks good today but forgotten to...

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